Modernization Case Study



The recruiting team at a global company of over 50k employees needed the capability to ingest XML formatted career post feeds and display them as individual posts on filtered listing pages in WordPress. Using AWS’s microservices-based architecture, the team provided visitors with an enhanced career website, utilizing VIP’s hosting infrastructure.


  1. Building a platform that could ingest XML data from stakeholders’ preferred job posting software.
  2. Convert and cleanup the XML data to remove incorrectly spelled locations, and unnecessary data.
  3. Provide an API endpoint for WordPress through a cron job, to store the data inside the WordPress database, for easier retrieval with Advanced Custom Fields.
  4. Working with a cross-functional team to deliver a unique solution and scalable solution


Working alongside stakeholders, the development team built an AWS node js application to deliver career job postings at scale. The foundational project components included:

  • Robust Lambda functions — an AWS-based, enterprise-scale software development framework that utilizes core Javascript, microservices design, and continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline.
  • Advanced Custom Fields — an intuitive custom field data design. This proven model by the web development team ensured visitors could uniquely filter career job posts by multiple locations and departments.


By providing company job posts on a dedicated careers website with filtered fields. The company was provided a solution to increase career applicant submissions. Collaborating with VIP, the development team ensured a secure codebase and scalable infrastructure to handle an increased volume of applicants.

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