Content Migration Case Study



The Marketing and Communications team at the largest data science firm in the world needed to consolidate and migrate over 2k sites across multiple CMS platforms and hosting environments onto one consolidated solution. After migrating to WordPress VIP the MarCom and Technology team not only had a site structure that was effective and efficient but had also vastly improved their processes for working together.


  1. Decentralized content management and disconnected global teams
  2. Inconsistent application of brand standards
  3. Slow and tedious development cycles for basic improvements
  4. Concerning response time from distributed host servers


Migration of all sites to the WordPress VIP enterprise cloud and managed service offering. The migration consisted of Technology teams working collaboratively with the MarCom team to not simply “lift-and-shift” the content and multimedia but to improve the design and content management experience dramatically. Results included:

  • Centralized management of all themes creating consistent use of brand standards for all sites
  • Intuitive interface for content creation
  • Low-Code environment allowing for quick and easy changes to look, feel, and basic functionality
  • New and efficient code merge process utilizing WordPress VIP’s code review
  • Improved relationship and interaction between the MarCom and Technology teams by shifting their focus to innovation


The migration to the WordPress VIP enterprise cloud revolutionized the way that the company managed its web platforms, creating a better experience for external and internal users of their sites while re-establishing their brand’s presence on the web.

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